About Me

My purpose is to help filmmakers achieve their vision for each project they work on. The music serves one purpose and that's to help enhance the story; to contribute to the art of storytelling. The music is another piece of the puzzle to the overall vision of the project. 
I recently finished scoring the feature documentary Co-Creators: The Rat Queens Story and wrote additional music for the feature film A Reckoning.
I'm a part of Output, working with the sound production team. I'm also a core member of Outlier Studios, crafting unique film scores for filmmakers.
During downtime, I love writing arrangements of popular tunes under the moniker Tune in with Chewie. I'm always expanding my musical palette and constantly collaborating with unique artists.
Black and white headshot of Nestor Estrada.
"Nestor is a skilled and talented professional and has given many of my projects blockbuster sounding scores. His music is an invaluable asset to anyone's film. I am ecstatic to be enlisting his services for my next film and many more to come." 
Andrew Kadikian, Director, and Founder of Rogue Division